Maintanance & Lubrication Product

Induction Heater

Using ZKL’s Induction Heater , you can install bearings with high precision into shafts without any risk of damage. Heating of the bearing prior to installation to a particular temperature is necessary in order to retain the micro structure essential for getting the maximum efficiency from the bearing, without which bearings are at risk of damage. ZKL ensures that you don’t face this problem with the specially designed Induction Heater.

  • Digital read – out panel
  • Automatic de-magnetization
  • 80 % savings in power
  • Induction Coil and electronics protected from thermal overheating
  • Contemporary, Sleek , compact and rugged design
  • Light weight for easy carriage of operation
  • Standard Yoke sizes
  • Auto timer
  • Auto temperature alert

Hydraulic Puller

ZHP, ZKL Hydraulic Puller is designed for effortless , efficient and error-free dismounting of bearings , bushings , wheel , gears , pulleys and similar shaft mounted components. The ZHP Range comes in 6, 10, 15, 20, 30 & 50 Tons capacity and are equipped with 3 (three) arms for uniform pulling action.

  • Remove Handle & 360 degree Rotary Pump Handle
  • Self – contained Hydraulic Pump & Puller
  • Extention Piece
  • Integral Safety Valve
  • Easy Release Valve
  • Fast – adjusting Nut
  • Heat Treated Alloy Steel Cross Bolts
  • Heat Treated , Chrome Plated Hydraulic Cylinder Rod
  • Spring – loaded Live – centering Nut(removable)

Bearing Puller

This tool has been developed for common sizes of bearings with nominal span width varying from 65 to 300mm. Made from graded quality steel , specially hardened , this tool can deplay powerful pulling force during application. Leg opening and closing are easily and quickly adjustable by tightening / loosening the cone . Flat springs provide additional support to legs when holding the bearings.

These ZKL Pullers come in several convenient sizes – the smallest consisting of two – legs and the heavier models features three – legs which help distribute the pulling force equally and ensure accurate centering.

Quality Features

  • All ZMMP Pullers guarantee the following advantages:
  • Quality steel construction
  • Through hardening
  • Anti – rust properties
  • Firm grip and leg support
  • Longer life
  • Higher load – bearing capacity
  • Additional usage – allows this tool to be used to removing bearings from shafts by applying pulling force on the outer ring of the bearings.

Tips for Best- Pulling

ZKL ZMMP Bearing Pullers are very useful in removing bearings from shafts by applying pulling force on the outer ring of the bearings.

When dismounting:

  • Slowly rotate the bearing outer ring to ensure even distribution of pulling force
  • This prevents damage to the bearing seating
  • Similar precautions should be taken when choosing the correct size of puller

Oil Injection Pump

ZKL– Committed to Trouble – free Handling & Maintenance of Bearings

ZKL has always exhibited its care and concern for customers by developing a range of value-added products, accessories/tools and instruments that ensure higher efficiency and longer life for its bearings.

One of such developments has been the use of Oil Injection methods for Mounting and dismounting of bearings, especially large – sized ones.

How Oil Injection Works

Oil is injected under pressure (by a reciprocating hand pump)between the shaft and the inner ring of a bearing.

The oil exerts pressure and expands the inner ring at the same time forming a lubricating film. This helps bearings, couplings , fans etc , to slide out easily resulting in scratch – free dismounting.


Paper processing has undergone a sea – change. New technologies , new process , higher speeds, superior quality are the order of the day. Paper mills today are high performers and their equipment, especially bearings need to perform better, longer and more reliably in an environment friendly manner than ever before.

ZKL Greases are specially formulated new generation lubricants that not only reduce friction , wear and tear , but can operate at higher speeds, higher operating temperatures and high load conditions. ZKL Greases are made with special additives such as molybdenum, lithium, calcium and aluminium complexes. ZKL Greases remain mechanically stable and do not harden or thicken quickly , have excellent resistance to water , which helps extend the operating life of both the grease and the bearing.

ZKL recommends use of non Toxic PFG greases for paper mills. For your paper mills requirement pf ZKL Greases – contact your nearest ZKL office or ZKL Authorized Distributor immediately.

Bearing Fitting Tool

ZKL ZMFT – 33 plus

The ZKL ZMFT – 33 is a perfect solution provider . It’s the ultimate in easy and dent – free mounting of bearings up to 50mm bore on shafts as well as housing , uniformly , without alignment problems. Impact ring face ensures even and simultaneous contact with inner and outer ring of bearings , preventing any mounting force from being transmitted through rolling elements and protecting bearing race ways from any damage.

Extended Usage

The ZKL ZMFT – 33 Tool Kit can also be used to mount bushings , seal rings , belt pulleys and sleeves for assembly purposes.

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