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Introduction To ZKL Bearing Housing

The basic Purpose of bearing housing is to absorb bearing load and provide dust free environment with lubrication retaining facility and hold bearing stationary outer ring.

However to improve the bearing life & it’s reliability, the housing need to have following quality features.

  • To have bore with perfect roundness.
  • No blow holes in the casting.
  • Perfect centre height from base.
  • Provide adequate room for lubricant.
  • Provide effective sealing to avoid ingress of dirt, water & moisture.
  • Proper sealing arrangement to prevent lubricant leakage.
ZKL Bearing Housing

The ZKL Bearing housings range has been developed to accommodate all industrial requirements, operating parameters and suit various industrial locations.

To fulfill all industrial conditions , housing are developed in different sizes , shapes and material. According to this , housings are designated for easy customer understanding and selections.

Most of the ZKL Bearing housings are horizontally splited , suitable for bearings having Tapered bore or Cylindrical Bore. These housing are made from high grade cast iron or cast steel.

The cast steel housings are generally selected for heavy loads and / or shock loads applications.

Bearing Sleeves

Using a high quality bearing alone does not guarantee that your machine will perform with utmost reliability.

You need ZKL sleeves to mount your bearings on in order to get the optimum performance out them.

A bearing needs to be fitted on a shaft with interference fit in order to ensure that the bearing inner ring and the shaft rotates together as a single body even while carrying load. After the Bearing is mounted on the sleeve , the extent of contact between the Bearing and the Sleeve , and the sleeve and the Shaft should be atleast 80%.

Unlike most of the brands available in the market , ZKL Sleeves are made from Prime Quality Carbon steel Pipes / Forgings and machined in CNC Machines. This ensures that the Form Tolerances and Radial Run Out of the Sleeves strictly conform to the relevant Standard.

ZKL Sleeves – the arms that your bearings need in their relentless battle to keep your machines going on and on.

Bearing Sleeves


Lock - nuts are sometimes referred as shaft or withdrawal nuts depending on the use on which they are to be put in. They provide a simple means of axially locating bearings and other machine components on the shafts and also facilitate mounting and dismounting small bearing on withdrawal sleeves. The required bearing internal clearness on tapered sleeves is achieved by carefully tightening of lock nut. For tapered roller bearing, the positive clearance is achieved by full tightening of lock nut and releasing by ¼ pitch.

The lock nuts are designated as ‘KM XX’ and for withdrawal nut it is ‘HM XX’


Lock Washer / Mb Washers

ZKL Lock – washers are used to lock the nuts on the shaft , while inner tab is used for locking for the larger size of nuts. Lock- washers are designated as ‘MB XX’ . Locking washers are made out of deep drawing , cold rolled , annealed steel (CRCA) . After tightening of Lock nut , the lock washer teeth is pressed into one of four grooves of lock nut to make the assembly tightly fitted.

Lock Washer

Oil Seals


Rotary shaft tip seals are components designed in a ring form, fitted between machine parts in relative rotation, with the function of separating oil or grease from the inside and dirt, dust, water etc. from the outside.

The rotary shaft seals are generally composed of an elastomeric diaphragm, shaped in a “lip form” and reinforced with a Co-Vulcanized metal insert .The Sealing lip is energized with a “Garter Spring”.

Seal Design

The sealing lip design corresponds to the current state of art and is based on many years of experience in a wide range of a application fields.

The sealing edge can either be ready be ready molded or trimmed by mechanical cutting.

The total radial force of the sealing lip is given by elastomer pre-tension together with tensile spring force. The Former depends on the deformation and elasticity of the rubber material, geometry of the sealing lip and interference between shaft and seal.

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